Founded by owner and creative director Sunjana Uddin in 2020, The Sun Jewelers (TSJ) is a contemporary fashion jewelry brand based in Northern New Jersey. The name of the brand is inspired by a play on Uddin's first name (Sun-jana, Sun-Jewelers). The brand's unintended association with the word "sun" further influenced TSJ's mantra: Contemporary jewelry designed for those who shine.

TSJ pieces are made for those who shine (like the sun)—AKA everyone. The brand centers upon the belief that every single individual shines in their own way. Whether that is through a talent, profession, hobby, or anything of the like, TSJ pieces are designed to brighten that already-existent shine—to provide that extra boost of confidence and glamour. 

TSJ is driven by a mission to deliver quality without sacrificing affordability. The brand's manufacturing team exclusively works with ethically sourced tarnish-resistant, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic base materials (i.e. 925 sterling silver, 316L stainless steel, et cetera) to produce long-lasting jewelry. In an effort to provide affordable luxury, the brand offers a broad price range alongside interest-free payment plans.

 Diversity and inclusion are found in every aspect of TSJ, from its pieces to its customers. TSJ embraces various contemporary aesthetics—such as "Y2K" and "grunge"—in order to curate a diverse and alluring collection of pieces. The brand strives to provide something for everyone and for every occasion, no matter their style or preference.

Proudly run by a women-of-color team, TSJ recognizes the lack of BIPOC representation throughout history, as well as in present-day media. The brand is fueled by its passion to put BIPOC, especially BIWOC, at its forefront. TSJ continues to collaborate with numerous BIPOC creatives and media personalities. The brand fervently aims to showcase the talent and creativity of the BIPOC community, due to its core belief that representation matters.

For any further questions or concerns, please email us at or DM us on Instagram @thesunjewelers.

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